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Nursing is one of the most important pillars of the health care sector. With the ever growing need for efficient healthcare, there is always an ever growing gap between demand and supply of nursing staff. NurseVibe wishes to helpclose this gap by empowering the users. It strives to connect the Nurses looking for jobs and the organizations offering the same. They also get opportunity to enrich themselves with professional and industry-related information available on this application. Through this app, Nurses can stay connected with their peers and take an active part in discussion with othersin the field. They can post their queries or answer queries by other users. The information can also be shared with other Nurses through various social media channels. This application strives to play an important role to create a strong network of the Nurses, creating an area of their common interest. It will help them grow better, bringing information and opportunities closer to them. In this transition of the information society to the knowledge society, this advanced application is dedicated to making them smarter by providing information on Nurse jobs and publishing relevant Nursing reading so that they stay up to date with latest development in their field while on the move.

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  • Nurses can stay up to date with the latest news and developments in the Nursing field. Our team publishes the latest articles and news which are relevant to the Nurses


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From the job option, Nurses can search jobs, putting their desired location, salary, and designation. Besides, they can find available jobs according to their experience and educational qualification. The Nurses can apply for a job with a single click. No more waiting for phone calls or following up with the agencies.

Discussion With Peers

Nurses can take part in a detail discussion with fellow usersand get to know much about the industry. They can discuss a case or ask a career question from their peers. This exchange of information we feel shall help empower and connect the users spread around far and wide around the globe. Varied experiences can be shared and can lead to insights into critical situations and problems faced by other users. We look forward to hearing your ideas for how we can leverage the power of connection both inside and outside your field of service.

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At NurseVibe we work every day to solve one of the biggest problems in the Healthcare industry. Everyone’s guessing. The hospitals and Nursing homes have to cater to an ever growing number of patients but they do not have adequate number of Nursing staff. On the other hand, Nurses would like to be empowered with more knowledge and opportunities to grow. We intend to bridge the gap between the Nurses and the perspective hospitals. Our Mission at NurseVibe is to make this whole process transparent. Let the user make informed decisions about their career and growth. We are the most actionable mobile application for the Nurses.

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